Why Join SMACNA Greater Chicago?

Business is more competitive than ever. It takes contractors who are well informed, educated and connected to stay ahead of the pack. SMACNA Greater Chicago helps their members prepare for success with meetings and educational programs that give them the tools they need to outperform their competitors.

Working hand in hand with their union counterparts, SMACNA Greater Chicago bargains to accomplish what’s best for the industry. SMACNA Greater Chicago supports legislation that is good for its contractors and fights legislation that hurts them.

SMACNA Greater Chicago feels that it is an honor to represent the finest sheet metal contractors in the Greater Chicago market. Creating new methods to support members is what the organization is all about.

Contact SMACNA Greater Chicago

Contact SMACNA Greater Chicago

If you would like to contact SMACNA Greater Chicago, click here or call us at 708.544.7007.