ClickSafety Online Training

ClickSafety Online Training

Starting in 2019!

Safety is a priority at SMACNA Greater Chicago. We stay up-to-date on the most recent OSHA regulations to keep our contractors safe. SMACNA Greater Chicago is excited to offer ClickSafety online training, free of charge, to member company employees. There are no limits to the number of employees who can participate at this time but that is subject to change. Also, remember to take advantage of all the other safety resources that are available to you through your membership such as: the paycheck safety stuffer program; the online Safety Store and CPR/AED with First Aid training. These are just a few of the safety resources that SMACNA Greater Chicago provides to its members.

ClickSafety Topics

- OSHA 10-Hour Construction Course

- OSHA 30-Hour Construction Course

- Confined Spaces in Construction

- An Introduction; Fall Protection in Construction

All classes are offered free of charge to members, however, SMACNA Greater Chicago will bill for the cost of the class if the class is not completed within 6 months.


Getting Started

To register for a class, send an email to the SMACNA Greater Chicago office to