College of Fellows Scholarship Winner

SMACNA’s College of Fellows has awarded its 2017 scholarships — five funded by the College of Fellows and nine endowed by SMACNA members and chapters. Elaine Montgomery of Elgin, Illinois, was selected as this year’s recipient of the Marty & Vic Comforte Endowed Scholarship.

Elaine will receive $3,000 per year for a total of four years of undergraduate study. She plans to study communications at Northern Illinois University, and is affiliated with SMACNA Greater Chicago member GHC Mechanical.

The SMACNA College of Fellows Scholarship Program is open to eligible students within the SMACNA extended family, including SMACNA contractors and their employees, SMACNA Fellows, employees of local SMACNA chapters and National SMACNA, SMACNA National Associate Members and members and families of any of these groups. Though it is hoped that a career in a field related to the sheet metal industry will be considered, applicants may pursue any course of study.