Electronic Recordkeeping

With a compliance deadline of December 1, OSHA’s final rule on electronic recordkeeping is right around the corner.

“This isn’t getting as much attention, but I think it’s a big deal,” Glader said. “All companies with more than 20 employees are required to file information from the 300A log electronically on a site that’s already up and running by OSHA.”

Injury and illness recordkeeping has always been required, but the information is typically filed on an office shelf. The new rule, however, allows public access in an effort to encourage employers to focus on and improve safety measures within their companies.

“How many of you do pre-bid applications?” Glader asked during his presentation. “That’s the part many business owners are struggling with. Now, competitors can see that information.”

The final rule also has anti-retaliation provisions in place that prohibit employers from discouraging workers to report workplace injuries or illnesses. According to Glader, the following practices are prohibited:

• Blanket post-injury drug testing (Glader notes that reasonable suspicion or random testing is OK)

• Safety incentives requiring the absence of injury

• Disciplining employees for safety violations following an injury (in some cases)

• Discipline for late reporting injuries (in some cases)

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