Safety Matters

SMACNA contractor using safety gear

Safety is a priority at SMACNA Greater Chicago. We stay up-to-date on the most recent OSHA regulations to keep our contractors safe. Our paycheck safety stuffer program is a great way our contractors provide bi-monthly safety tips to their workforce. The online Safety Store has proven invaluable in providing PPE to many of our contractor members. These are a few of the safety materials that SMACNA Greater Chicago provides to its members.

Safety Resources

Explore all the safety opportunities available to you as a member of SMACNA Greater Chicago.


SMACNA Safety Stuffers

Safety Stuffers

As a benefit of your SMACNA Greater Chicago membership, we will provide FREE of charge, a series of fun and informative educational safety stuffers for inserting into your workers’ paycheck envelopes.

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SMACNA Safety Store

SMACNA Safety Store

SMACNA Greater Chicago’s Safety Store offers members a variety of safety products to keep workers safe on the job.

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SMACNA education

Safety Education

From learning the latest OSHA Regulations or what skills your team needs to understand to stay safe on the job, we bring it all to our members.

SMACNA safety news

Safety News

We stay up-to-date on the most recent indusry safety news to keep you and your team informed. SMACNA Greater Chicago highlights members who make safety a priority.